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If you’re a homeowner or business owner in the Oakland, California area, it’s time to take advantage of living in one of the country’s sunniest states by installing solar panels. You’ll be amazed at the money solar installation can save you on your electric bill when you work with a trusted local solar company like 4 Eighty Solar. Our expert solar installers will design an energy system just for you, and we’ll have it up and running (and saving you money) before you know it.
Curious about how harnessing the sun’s energy can make your home or business more eco-friendly? Want to know more about the services we offer as one of Oakland’s top solar companies? Read on for a complete run-down of what it means to go sun-powered in Oakland, California.

Trusted Oakland Solar Installers
When it comes to solar companies, no one in the greater Oakland area is more trusted than 4 Eighty Solar. Our experienced and professional solar installers are dedicated to providing first-class, efficient solar installation services. We’ll ensure that your panels look great, are unobtrusive, and function exactly as they’re meant to.
Our company takes pride in standing out from other solar companies by providing excellent quality service every step of the way. This means we’ll be on hand to discuss in detail with you your expectations of your new system, as well as your specific setup requirements and how you want your solar panels to look. We even offer free quotes to our new customers to ensure everyone is on the same page and knows exactly what to expect from our services.

Is Oakland Good for Solar Panels?
California boasts one of the largest markets for solar installation in the country, thanks to the relatively clear weather and high percentage of sunny days. And Oakland is sunny even by California’s standards! According to NASA, the city of Oakland receives an average of about 5.38 peak sunlight hours per day, reaching up to 7 hours per day in the late spring and early summer. On top of that, Oakland has relatively low annual rainfall, with as many as 261 sunny days out of the year. 

Aside from being an extremely friendly climate for sun energy, Oakland offers several government-backed tax incentives for panel users as well. These include a federal tax credit available to all sun-powered businesses and residences, and an Oakland-specific utility company policy under which utility companies must pay homeowners and business owners for any excess energy their sun power systems produce. Keep reading to learn more details about how harnessing the sun’s incredible energy can save you money, both in the short term and over the course of your panel system’s life.
How it Works
After browsing through the various Oakland solar companies and choosing ours, you might wonder what steps are involved in fulfilling your sun energy goals. Here’s a rundown of what to expect once you’ve reached out to our premier local solar company.
Consultation. We’ll call you to discuss your specific needs and answer any questions you may have about solar installation. By the end of this conversation, we’ll have a free quote for you based on your requirements and your home or business’s specifications.
Construction. Our engineers will design and build solar panels that will maximize your energy efficiency while minimizing your utility bills.
Installation. A team of expert solar installers will come to your residence or business and install your new system. There will be an onsite manager at all times to ensure everything runs smoothly and all risks and challenges are handled in a timely and effective manner.
Maintenance. Unlike other solar companies, we offer ongoing maintenance services to our valued customers, ensuring your system continually operates at peak efficiency.

Benefits of Going Sun-Powered
The advantages of harnessing power from the sun are manifold, and they cover several areas from financial savings to increasing property value to environmental conservation. Here are some of the many benefits hiring our solar company can bring to your home or business.
Tremendous Financial Savings
Having solar panels on your property can save you an incredible amount of money in a surprisingly short amount of time, especially if you live in Oakland. One of the obvious reasons for these savings is that utilizing the sun’s energy is more efficient than traditional energy sources. You’ll be spending less per kilowatt hour than you would using conventional power through a utility company.
In addition to these savings, the federal government offers a whopping 30% tax credit to home owners using sun energy. This means you’ll get nearly a one-third return on your investment in the form of a tax credit within a year of installation.
On top of this federal tax credit, the city of Oakland itself offers great programs and incentives for going sun-powered. Under Oakland’s net metering policy, utility companies are required to watch the energy production of your panel system. If your system produces more energy than your home or business needs, the utility companies must then pay you for 100% of that surplus. This means engaging our solar company can actually make you money over time.

Increased Property Value
Should you ever decide to sell your home or business, solar installation can actually increase your property’s value. Current figures put the increase at about 4%, which is nothing to sneeze at. Recognizing the return on investment offered by solar panels is one of the top reasons more and more customers are reaching out to our top-rated solar installers.
Lower Carbon Footprint
Saving money while also benefiting the environment? Yes, please! Compared to conventional power sources, the average panel setup eliminates a staggering three to four tons of carbon emissions per year. That means that with every installation, solar companies like ours are having an equivalent impact on the environment as planting one hundred trees.
Oakland Solar Installation Services
Our company provides professional and efficient solar panel installation to private homes and businesses alike. We stand out among Oakland solar companies with our expert knowledge of the differences between residential and commercial solar power systems. Our savvy solar installers will design your sun-powered panel system to suit your home or facility’s exact needs and specifications.

Residential Panels
Transitioning your household to sun energy is a smart move, both financially and environmentally. If the greater Oakland power grid should fail, your home will still have electricity thanks to your panel system. As a bonus, generating surplus power for your local utility company can end up increasing your monthly or annual household income. Our rigorously trained engineers will design an energy system specifically tailored to meet your home’s exact needs, and we’ll make sure your panels are aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusively situated as well.


Commercial Panels
The energy needs of commercial establishments vary widely depending on the facility and the type of business that goes on there. Our team of expert installers is well-versed in the legal requirements for installing sun panels in commercially-zoned areas, and we’ll make sure everything is built to code.  Going sun-powered can open up your business to a world of tax incentives and save your company a significant amount of money in operating costs.
Make the Move to a Sun-Powered Lifestyle
If you’ve been coveting your neighbor’s panel setup and wondering how you can get a piece of that sweet sun-powered pie, look no further than our premier Oakland solar company. Our expert solar installers will deck out your home or business in eco-friendly solar panels that will save you money in the short term and could even end up making you money over time. You’ll be amazed at what a breeze solar installation can be when you work with our friendly and professional team.
Searching for the best solar company in Oakland? You’ve found us. Give us a call and start your journey into the wonderful world of sun energy. Get a free quote today!